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High Quality Kiosks Made in USA at Reasonable Prices.






Kiosks, Inc. provides the high quality and durable computer enclosures for factory, office and home environment that can withstand protect your system from dust and water. In work places, especially in factory or production environments, your computers can get exposed to harsh conditions, which may damage the system and reduce their life. Our computer enclosures are designed to enhance the life of your PCs by protecting them from such adverse conditions. Computer Cabinets Industrial

Critical in factory settings

By protecting your computers from adverse climatic conditions as well as various polluting elements present in the surrounding area, you not only ensure your system to run for longer time, but also make sure that your production line does not stop or is not interrupted due to system failure.

Most production lines and modern day factory settings are run on process automation with most routine operations controlled by computers and terminals installed in the control units requiring only minimal human intervention, except under emergencies. A manufacturing unit stopping due to sudden system failure may prove to be quite expensive for the company due to costs involved in bringing the system back to normal and any damages or losses occurring due to sudden system failures apart from lost revenue due to such stoppages.

Wide range of designs

Our designs of computer enclosures at Kiosks, Inc. are meant to provide robust enclosures for all the computer components, such as CPU, monitors, keyboard, and printer, scanner, either in an all inclusive protective surroundings or separate units for different components, which you can select according to your requirements. They come in different sizes to accommodate your small PCs or large computer systems.

So, whether it is a laptop, desktop or large industrial computer, we have the right product available customized to your needs and specification to give a sleek and modern look to the work environment apart from protecting them from harsh environmental conditions. They can be wall mounted or panel mounted to adjust to the position and location of control units in your manufacturing units.

Low cost reliable product offerings

There is no dearth of computer enclosure products in the market. There are some high priced alternatives available, but what you get from Kiosks, Inc. is low cost fitting your budget yet robust and foolproof protecting enclosures, which are designed to be durable and great value for money.